Audio Mastering
Analogue and digital framing.

We offer an online mastering service that has a proven track record. We have mastered tracks for Silicone Soul, Slam, Mark Henning, Vector Lovers, The Hills and Master H to name but a few.  Whether your recording is purely electronic, blended or acoustic we gaurantee you'll be impressed.

Anyone requiring stem mastering and mixing should look no further than using our Grammy Award winning team.
Online Mastering
Digital Audio Restoration

From restoring unsuable audio for post production to tuning and cleaning vocal takes that others would shy from.  We can help remove unwanted sounds from field work, live performances and studio recordings.

Please contact us to discuss rates.

Rates For Mastering.

£50 per track.
£200 per Album.

We are happy to demo a verse and a chorus of one track as an demonstartion.

Stem Mastering.

£100 per track.