David Donaldson

David Donaldson is a graduate of the SAE in Glasgow. His 18 year career has covered almost every facet of sound production from recording, producing and mastering live bands to his recent music productions for both commercial release and film.

He has enjoyed a long working relationship with Glasgow born composer Craig Armstrong where he has programmed, co-produced and provided additional arrangements on over 18 films and various television, commercial and artistic projects.  In 2005 he won a Grammy Award for producing and engineering the soundtrack for “Ray”, a biopic about the life of Ray Charles.  

David has recently finished working on " Bridget Jones's Baby" and completed his first work for Cryptic an hour long requiem for counter tenor, string quartet and electronics.  An album of the production is currently in the works and should be available later this year.  Cryptic are planning a second run of the show later this year.
In 2016 Island People, a collaboration between David, Graeme Reedie, Conor Dalton and Ian Maclennan, was signed to Raster Media.  The first album was released in June 2017.
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